Schedule of World Junior Championship



Matches will take place 6-17th August*:

  • From 10:00 to around 18:00 in Enjoy Squash Club, ul. Rejtana 3 
  • If  the weather will be good from 20:00 2-3 choosen matches will be played on glass court on Chrobry square


There are 2 courts available for practicing during the Championhips. There are 30 minutes on one court dedicated to each country per day, from 9 a.m. to . Managers of the teams can make reservations in Tournament Office.


Following the withdrawal of 2nd seed Habiba Mohamed (Egypt) through injury, Egyptian reserve player Zeina Mickawy was added, as permitted by the World Championship Regulations. 

In accordance with the Regulations, the draw was re-made with seeds moving up in bands, and Mickawy slotting in to replace the lowest seed who was shifted up.

The fact that Mickawy’s standard would have merited her a seeding caused a request to be made that she be moved into a seeding slot, which was reviewed by the Championship Adjudication Panel chaired by WSF Technical Delegate Major Maniam on the eve of the Championship.

The Panel noted that the Regulations do not make provision for a reserve to be seeded, but the Regulation does allow discretion in placement. The Panel unanimously agreed that it would be fairest for all competitors to move Mickawy as far upwards as allowable i.e. into the 17 – 20 shadow band just below the 16 seeds. This was accomplished by swapping the lowest of the band Saskia Beinhard (Ger) with Mickawy.

This has resulted in their positions being exchanged in the revised draw.

2016 Individual Draws


2016 Team Draws

[1] Egypt P0 [2] Pakistan P1 W1 [3] France P1 W1 [4] India P1 W1 [5] England P0 [6] USA P0
[12] Jordan P0 [11] Hong Kong P0 [10] Australia P0 [9] New Zealand P1 W1 [8] Canada P0 [7] Malaysia P0
[14] Switzerland P0 [15] Germany P1 W0 [13]Guatemala P1 W0 [18] Argentina P1 W0 [16] Israel P0 [17] South Africa P0  
      [21] Poland P1 W0 [20] Zimbabwe P0 [19] Spain P0