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VDC is an innovative platform that provides a reliable infrastructure to facilitate a stable, secured and efficient IT environment that can be used to create a web page, business application or a congeneric Disaster Recovery plan.


Dental Care, a professional stomatology clinic, was created to help you feel comfortable and safe. Our expert dentists and qualified dental assistants will take care of you and will guide you through your treatment with confidence and will always provide a professional advice. The clinic offers the most advanced, verified solutions, which guarantee a perfect smile – without stress or pain.


Scarlett is a group which comprises independent companies and focuses on advanced cleaning solutions for businesses and factories, as well as providing its clients with professional cleaning devices and detergents. Scarlett Group offers a wide scope of services whose implicit quality is possible due to leading devices, high-qualified staff and successful usage of quality and environmental management system.


Evente is a young but experienced company that organizes outdoor events, including activities connected with squash and matches on glass courts. The company provides open-air stages and platforms as well as professional sound systems that will definitely improve the quality of your event! 


Hi-Tec is a British company founded in 1974 that offers sportswear, shoes and accessories for varius activities: Athletic/Sport, Cort/Indoor, Outdoor and Golf. Globally, Hi-Tec is a sponsor for travelers, World Champions and professional sportsmen in various disciplines, such as: badminton, golf, squash and fencing.


Showstorm is a resourceful, inspiring and disruptive entertainment business with people based in the UK, USA and Poland. Specialising in (AR) Augmented Reality and (VR) Virtual Reality the company has grown since 2009 to be an audacious and uniquely talented team of creative and technical professionals driven by a passion to create, pioneer and deliver first class memorable entertainment experiences through digital content.


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