About Tournament 


What is it all about?

The World Junior Championships have long been a stepping stone to adult success since the first championship took place in 1980: The current Egyptian  Some recent and present world number ones are both double World Junior Individual title winners – Egyptian Mohamed Elshorbagy in 2008 & 2009, and Raneem El Welily the women’s champion in 2005 and 2007, while Malaysian Nicol David won in 1999 and 2001.

How does the TOURNAMENT look ?

The championships are divided into two stages:
- INDIVIDUAL EVENT under 19 years old - played in a regular draws from 6th to 11th of August 2016. One draw for girls and one draw for boys. At the end of the event two World Juniors titles will be presented to the winners in official prize giving ceremony
- NATIONAL MEN'S TEAM under 19 years old - played first in pools and then in a knock-out seeded on the group results. You can see teams in action from 12th to 17th of August 2016. We're already wondering who will pick up the World Junior Team Trophy at the last day of the event ?

How does the INDIVIDUAL EVENT look ?

The INDIVIDUAL EVENT is based on the seeding in regular draws up to 128 participants each (girls and boys). There's no more than two matches a day and in the later stages of the tournament there is mostly one round a day.

How does the JUNIOR TEAM look ?

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The playing order for each day of all Stage 1 Ties will be decided prior to the commencement of the Team Championship by individual draws for each day except that the order for each day must be different. The playing order of all Stage 2 Ties will be decided prior to the commencement of these Ties by individual draws for each day except that the order for each day must be different and the #1 ranked player must play in either the first or second match of the Tie (The four possible options are 1-2-3, 1-3-2, 2-1-3 and 3-1-2).

All Ties being played on a day shall use the same playing order.

If four players have been nominated in a Squad, the Team Manager will have to omit one player for each Tie. Any player can be omitted provided the others play in the agreed order of merit. Unless the Championship Director is notified otherwise in writing at least 2 hours before the scheduled start time of a Tie, Team Managers shall be deemed to have selected their top three players. The CAP reserves the right to allow changes to player nominations after the deadline in exceptional circumstances.

Each Tie will consist of three matches played between teams of three players, nominated in order of 

At Stage 1 all teams normally will play in Pools on a “round-robin” (all play all) basis - Ties being played in the order specified below for each Pool. The order may only be changed as directed or approved by the WSF Office. In all Stage 1 situations not detailed below and all Stage 2 round-robin formats, the Order of Ties shall be drawn in advance by the WSF Office.

With 21 teams competing, teams will play in 6 Pools at Stage 1 as follows:

  • Pool A: Teams seeded 1 12 13/15*           
  • Pool B: Teams seeded 2 11 13/15*           
  • Pool C: Teams seeded 3 10 13/15*           
  • Pool D: Teams seeded 4 9 16/18* 19/21*
  • Pool E: Teams seeded 5 8 16/18* 19/21*
  • Pool F: Teams seeded 6 7 16/18* 19/21*

* Drawn into Pools at random.



The ties in the table featuring team 4 in pools A – C will not apply as there are only three teams in these pools.